22 November 2008


The white one is Cowboy. A poodle, cocker spaniel cross. The other is Mac. A jack russell, queensland cross. Cowboy has adopted me. Thinks my bed is HIS!
The shower for Kristie is tomorrow, I hope to have some pics to upload then.
Weather is great, warm during the day and chilly at night. Should be some rain by next week.

24 October 2008

Road Trip!

I am going with my friend Donna to pick-up her parents. They have been visiting her brother in Nevada. Not sure whether or not we will be going all the way to NV or just to Stockton. Will find out tonite. All is well with the baby. Kristie had a job interview here local yesterday. I hope she gets it. It will be a lot easier on her not to have to travel so far. Party is supposed to be on the 9th of Nov. But the other person helping me is being rather negative. Not sure but I think I will have a card shower instead. Having trouble getting addresses from Kristie though. She is reluctant to give me addresses as they are so far away from here.

02 October 2008


This is the cradle/swing that the kids wanted. I have ordered it. It was a lot less online than at the store. I even was able to save shipping. The baby is due Jan 25, 2009. They are going to name him Cayden Lee Braden. I and a friend will be having a shower for her probably early Jan. I will let everyone know.

02 September 2008

Hip Hip Hooooray!!!

Well, I finally found a place to live in CA. I am closer to my job (Ha Ha) than I was. It is out off 46 east. $450 a month including utilities. I got a room with cable, washer/dryer, kitchen privileges and a shared bath with a 22 yr old female. The owner is a guy. Seems nice enough. Said I could put a lock on the door so when I leave I won't worry about anything. He works nights, and is happy to have someone a little older in the house to watch over it. Boys, will help me move in tomorrow. All my love to everyone. Kate

08 August 2008

Well, I'm still in CA. Can't find a place in AZ or CA, so am staying with a friend until ???. Also, my boss is OH MY GOD,NO not AZ. If he had the hours it wouldn't be so bad. Loren, his knee now has a brace on it all the time, but, the insurance company says they will not fix it again as it is not work related. Lawyer is mad to say the least. It wouldn't be broken again if it hadn't been broken to start with. I took him the LA wed and the VA did an MRI. They are looking at fixing it. He has gone back to work for a tow company, on limited duty(part-time). Lee and Kristie are living seperately but???, we are at 16 wks and counting. No sex determination yet. Lee and Loren are crashing at the same friends house for now, Kristie has gone home to her parents. More later. I don't get to the internet as often as I want but am trying to get there more often.

07 June 2008

Life is Fluid!!!

Loren June 2008

This is Lees' birthday in Monetery. May 2008

I have decided to go back to AZ. I can't find a place that we can afford here and Lee and Kristie are not getting along. Alsoooooo, they are again pregnant!!! I am not sure where I will stay when I get to AZ. Dad is trying to find a small trailer that I can buy on time and still afford the space rent. Until then I am staying in CA for a month so that I can attend my friends' parents 60th wedding anniversary. Loren, well he did it up royal when he hurt his knee this time. He not only destroyed what had just been redone but did someother damage as well. The insurance company is fighting about paying him but is paying the doctor bills. Other than the above, I am having some health problems related to the stress, and this also is why I decided to distance myself from Lee and Kristie.

06 May 2008

Loren has found a job! Buttt, last thursday he was helping a friend and he stepped wrong off a deck and his knee gave out. He went down and called me. 4hrs later, he is again in a brace and on crutches. Not sure what he really did to his knee, his lawyer has to get permission for his doctor to see him and then we will know. His job is on hold for now, the company will wait and see. I am praying that it is just a sprain and he will be back on his feet soon. I am still looking for a place to live, have some prospects but all want more than I have for a deposit. Will, keep praying and know that God will provide as needed. Love to all.

17 April 2008


Loren lost his job on Monday and his girlfriend left on Sunday. We were asked to move on Tuesday. They want to refurbish the apartment. Only one left in the complex not vacated in the last year. Oh, well, such is life. We are already looking, even though the landlord gave us 60 days. Hope to be moved by next month. I just got unpacked and settled, now I will start packing up again. My job has gone from 20 hrs to 12 or less each week. As I said when it rains it pours. We are healthy though and my car is fixed. Turned out to be an after market alarm system that was installed before I got the car. A friend was visiting and knew how to fix it. Alleluia. More later.

10 April 2008


The car is acting up again. I have to chase the insurance. It has an electrical short somewhere. Now to get the insurance to pay to have it fixed. Other than that, all is well. The boys are getting along better, and Loren is accepting Lees' girlfriend. The weather is nice during the day but cold in the morning and late afternoon and of course at night. Typical spring weather is cental calif.

30 March 2008


Not much to say. We had a great Easter. Just the boys and Lees' girlfriend. A nice quiet family dinner. Kristie turns 21 March 31 so we are having a birthday party tonight. Just 2 other couples so not a really big thing. I am still helping Dale with his business and am grateful for the chance. My joints ache alot more here than in Az but I am still able to get around and do the things I want to do. I'm getting my room together and it is a challenge as Lee is rather slow to do the things he is asked. Not that he won't but he does things in his own time. That has always been one of the things that are a challenge when living with Lee. Loren is doing so much better. He is now on meds for his depression and is the sweet, loving, easy to talk to person I knew was hiding inside. I am not surprised, because his father is bi-polar, and of course Lee is autistic. Dad seems good. The new dog is giving him some fits but all in all he seems in better spirits since she arrived. Kris and kids are doing well, speak to her every couple of weeks. This picture is from Christmas when dad came to Havasu. Well, I need to go and finish the birthday cake. love to all

01 March 2008

The trip to AZ wasn't to bad. The weather cooperated, to and from. Didn't hit rain until we got back to Paso Robles. The car did great and so did my passenger. She is settling in with dad and seems to like it. He took her for a ride on his ATV and she wants to go again. On an unhappy note. When I got home Kristie was miscarrying. She is now back on her feet and though unhappy is looking forward to the wedding next May or April. Lee is the same as ever. You wouldn't know that anything had happened. More later.

21 February 2008

Headed back to Az, on Sat to deliver this little girl. Her name is Jasmine. She is sooooo sweet. She is Kristies' dog but we can't keep her here, so dad said he would take her. I will pick up my stuff in Lake Havasu and return on Sun. I need to be a work on Mon at 9am. This is going to be a rocket ride to and from. I am taking a friend for company, so it shouldn't be to bad.

22 January 2008

Will head for CA on the 8th of Feb. Most of my things left today with a friend who has a pickup and is going home after visiting Kristie and Jr. Loren has found a 30ft trailer and is moving it to the property where he keeps his horse. His household goods are going into storage and mine are coming out. Lee and I will be living where Loren and Lee were living. Lees' girlfriend is living with her parents until they get married next year. The baby is due this summer. Dad is coming up to Lake Havasu to watch the superbowl and spend some time with me before I go home. I went to the Quartzsite Swap meet last weekend. OH, MY God! I have never seen so many people and sellers in my life. It covered almost 4 city blocks on both sides of the road not to mention the swap meet down town. Had a great time and bought some beads and things. Time is almost up on the computer here. Kristie got a new computer this morning but needs to get a new broadband modem before she can go online as the configuration of the port is different. More later. Kate

03 January 2008

Things Change!

Well, I may be moving back to CA. The landlord raised Jr and Kristies rent because I am living there. I can't afford to pay them. Soooo, I guess I will go back to Templeton and live with Lee and Kristie. Lee is going to need a lot of help with the baby and learning how to cook and keep house. I tried when he was at home but to no avail. Kristie will want to go back to work after the baby comes and she will need too, so I am willing to help. Lee and I get along, compared to Loren and I, we don't see eye to eye on much of anything. I really don't want to but we shall see. Dad says don't make any hasty decisions, so I will wait until at least mid month before setting my plans in motion. Took David to see the new Chipmunk movie yesterday. It is cute, and a good one for kids. No violence, bad language or sex. More later.

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