30 June 2013

Goodbye to Google and Hello to Bloglovin'

So, I like so many others am now following blogs with Bloglovin'.  Hope to see all my followers at the new site.

20 June 2013

Other things I have been doing.

This is a picture off the web of the next piece. It is better than I could ever take. The colors are correct as well.
Just Nan-Remember 9/11. This piece is going into our local fair.
3 roses for the 3 buildings
4 flowers for the 4 planes
Red-White and Blue silk for the American Flag
The Roman Numerals IX  XI for 9/11 used as a row under the word REMEMBER,
I wish I was a better photographer and could get a close up of the different rows.

This is for my great niece Emery in Texas I should be at least 1/2 done but other things keep getting in the way. I will be done though before her 2nd birthday, which is when I usually finish. The colors are off a little, just not great light. 

A decade rosary as a bracelet for the fair.

A bookmark for the fair.

Needlework Masters Monthly SAL Page for June.

My June page for the Needlework Masters Monthly SAL

Basic Embroidery of a pattern from Red Brolly

Just Nan-Primrose Path on 28ct Natural Linen with DMC Threads

19 June 2013


Don Roland
19 June 1931

16 June 2013

Happy Father's Day!!!

Gone but not forgotten!
Grandpa Raleigh Roland

Grandpa Clifford Nichols
 My Dad 82 years young!

Don Roland
 My Son just started  his journey as a Father 4 years ago!

Lee Braden

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