14 February 2012

Valentine Swap

This is what I sent to Kadra. I also included a pouch, chocolate and some other things. I forgot to take a picture of the other things. Such is life.  edit: I was able to get a pic of all the items off  Kadra's blog. I designed the heart to be simple and remind me of an old fashioned valentine. I had to include the blue bird of happiness. The "beads" are pins for counting and the Pearl is a large pin that I use for frogging.
These are the goodies I received from Jill. The chocolate was delish. 

This is the most delicate stitching I have seen in a long time. She made an envelope of  felt and then made a really cute pin cushion to put inside. I also found a nice envelope with three charms. Two fairies and a dragon. All my favorites.

Thank you Marsha for organizing this great exchange.

04 February 2012

Valentine Swap!!!

I received the cutest and nicest swap today. I will post pics tomorrow. Thank you, Jill from California.

03 February 2012

Need more time!!!

Haven't had any time to stitch since Tuesday. I have been taking care of my 3yr old grandson and he is fun but tiring my out. All I want to do after my son gets home is crash. Then I am up early to start all over again. My DIL will be off starting tomorrow and I hope to have this weekend to stitch. Wish me luck.

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