29 May 2015

Moving Update!!!

Finally have dad settled in and unpacked. Now it is my turn to unpack. I don't mind taking my time, he on the other hand was impatient to say the least. Have put about 100 stitches in to a piece and that is about all. Have my table set-up though and getting organized. Hopefully before the end of June I will have something to show for my efforts.

06 May 2015

Move Accomplished!!!

I am now in Arizona. Got here on sunday and am slowly trying to get the house in order. Dad is really happy that I have finally arrived. The house is a nice one so I am sure we will be happy here. After hurting my ribs last week, it is hard to get things done. Still sore!! Weather has been decent, but, I know that the heat is coming!! Bear with me as I get settled, my stitching will be the last thing to come out of boxes.

Trailer empty

Trailer loaded. 

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