31 March 2009

Blog Problems

Sorry if anyone who tried to view my blog Tuesday. I tried to edit the site and it crashed. It is finally back up and running Tuesday nite. I have uploaded 2 new pics of my works in progress. This one is a Biscornu. Stitch-Creations freebie. Black work. I didn't realize that the squares are only 1 inch each. But I am persevering.

30 March 2009

One Sick Baby

Well, I am babysitting this morning and the baby has a head cold. Sounds just awful right. Well, it really is. He can't nurse well as he can't breath and then he has to sleep propped on a pillow. Not, the best way to sleep for a baby but then you do what you have too. He is now 2 1/2 months old. Can't believe how the time flies. Back to being Grandma. More later.

26 March 2009

Slowing down

Not a lot to put in tonite. My SIL got home from my nieces' and says they are doing ok considering, My nieces husband is home from the hospital and the town has set up a bank acct to help with the expenses of her daughters passing. Katie will be missed, especially her smile. I haven't gotten a lot done on the pieces I'm stitching. Tomorrow or sat morning I will post some new pics. The baby has his first cold and the kids are miserable, he has a really stuffed up nose. Cute little nose. His is now 2 1/2 months old. Growing like a weed. More tomorrow. God Bless all who prayed for my niece and her family. Thank you, the prayers were greatly appreciated.

20 March 2009

Spring is Here!!!

I have made decent progress on A Star is Born. But, then it is really easy.

This is the latest on BOINK. I got the top knot done and have started on the frame.

17 March 2009

Very Sad New Today

Found out my niece lost her middle child last night. To say the least, a big shock. Katie was 13, and developmentally challenged. Had a seizure and stopped breathing. After which her father had a heart attack. They just moved from central calif to washington 2 weeks ago. Her mom, my ex SIL is on her way there now. Don't even have email or snail mail address yet. Not really in the mood to stitch. Can't reach my brother as he doesn't have a phone. I know he knows but that is about it. Hope to hear from my SIL in next couple of days. Until then, can only pray that husband will be ok.


Got the top knot done on BOINK. Sorry no pics right now, probably tonite. Have to take Grandpa to the physical therapist. He broke his shoulder 3 wks ago and Sis twisted her ankle sunday. I am off today so falls to me. Grandpa is 81 and has dementia so hard for him to remember why he can't use his arm. Grandma will go along and help the therapist understand his reluctance. Well time to eat and get out of here. More later.

15 March 2009

Lazy Sunday

Well I went to a Baby Shower and ate something that didn't agree with me, sooooo, I have spent the better part of the day a bed. Had hoped to get some stitching done but no could do. May be tomorrow afternoon.

13 March 2009

Update on BOINK

Well, this is one days stitching. I can only stitch during the daylight hours. My eyes just don't seem to work well enough at night. I had to frog twice. I think the center sections will be easier once I get the frame done.

12 March 2009


I found Book of Ink Circles for free on their website. Love the fact that it is a Celtic Sampler. It only uses 8 colors and full stitches. I am looking forward to seeing it emerge. Will post pics tomorrow.

09 March 2009

More for my Stash!!

I just received Gay Ann Rogers-New Years Resolution Ornament #1. I can't wait to start it. I will probably make several as I always give a different ornament ot my family and friends every year. It should work up quick as it isn't to big or complicated. I will post progress pics as I go. I have done a fair amount of stitching on the baby sampler and will post the pics later tonight. Happy Stitching.

05 March 2009

How Time Flies!!!

Well, it's been six weeks since Cayden was born and he is growing big. Got his first shots today. Mom and Dad are in for a couple of days of fusssssssssy. I moved last weekend. Found a place in the same house Loren lives in. Great place. No kitchen but, microwave and Refrigerator, I bought a coffee pot and toaster and I'll be fine. The phone was turned on this wed so I am back online. Yea!!!!!. Seem to have everthing in its place so I am going to try and get some stitching done tonight.

Back Online!!!

Finally, back online. First my computer died. Got a new harddrive. Then had to move. Then wait for the phone line and DSL. Finally Wed night all was done. Settled in so maybe I'll get to do some stitching tonight.

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