17 April 2008


Loren lost his job on Monday and his girlfriend left on Sunday. We were asked to move on Tuesday. They want to refurbish the apartment. Only one left in the complex not vacated in the last year. Oh, well, such is life. We are already looking, even though the landlord gave us 60 days. Hope to be moved by next month. I just got unpacked and settled, now I will start packing up again. My job has gone from 20 hrs to 12 or less each week. As I said when it rains it pours. We are healthy though and my car is fixed. Turned out to be an after market alarm system that was installed before I got the car. A friend was visiting and knew how to fix it. Alleluia. More later.

10 April 2008


The car is acting up again. I have to chase the insurance. It has an electrical short somewhere. Now to get the insurance to pay to have it fixed. Other than that, all is well. The boys are getting along better, and Loren is accepting Lees' girlfriend. The weather is nice during the day but cold in the morning and late afternoon and of course at night. Typical spring weather is cental calif.

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