30 June 2009

I have added a new feature!!

I have added a box to let followers and visitors get my own designs. These designs are simple. I have just started. I like simple things. Easy to stitch and with colors that can be changed by the person stitching them, to fit their style. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. I have not stitched this current design, as I am just trying to get this started. I have included in the file a picture of the finished piece, as it would look stitched.

29 June 2009

RAK received!

I traded a pattern with Gaynor in Ireland. I sent this needlebook as well. I included some pins for counting and some large corsage pins for frogging. The book is on top of the backing fabric.

22 June 2009

Totally Useless Stitch A Long

This is Junes entry into the TUSAL. As you can see I have been busy this last month. Bit and pieces from a couple of Exchanges I have already posted and 2 that I have not. Waiting to mail.

20 June 2009

Shake Rattle and Roll

Had a little fun this morning, 5:32 am. 4.4 about 20 miles away. 10 sec length. This old house just creeked and groaned a little.

ExchangeSent and received

This is the ATC I sent to Janet in Malaysia for her birthday. I also sent some receipe cards that were in the same colors. I have started on my second ATC to send to Marie in Australia for August. Glad you liked it.

19 June 2009

On a Happier Front

The happy family. Lee never smiles for the camera. Cayden is now 5 months old and cooing and trying to crawl. Kristie is a great Mom!!!

More Sad News

Found out today that my Aunt Helen, who has a mastecomy in 2007, now has cancer returned in her bones. She is in alot of pain. She has been in a wheel chair since July 2007 as she fell and broke her knee and hasn't been able to walk since. She was born with MD and could walk small distances at a time before the fall with a walker. Now she is chair bound. I love her very much and miss her. I have not been able to return to AZ to visit since I came home in 2008. All my LOVE Helen.

08 June 2009

Fun Give Away

Go over to Gaynor's Blog. She is having a great give away.

07 June 2009

Happy Dance-June Ornie Done!

Freebie from Plum Street Samplers
18 ct Ecru Adia
DMC my choice

05 June 2009


The weather has been really wierd. Rain in California, in June? And for the last 4 days? I don't mind, but, this is just WIERD!. I have not been stitching much. I am helping the kids get ready for a Complex Wide Yard Sale. All the tenants are going to have tables and make a day of it. I also took a tumble while trying to corral the landlords dog. Bruised and a bit sore but I will mend. Worst part is I cracked a rib. The landlords dog got out when I went through the gate, and she had just had surgery on her broken arm, so I was trying to be nice. I hope to post a finish sometime tomorrow, of my June ornie. Later, Keep stitching, Keep smiling and always remember to ENJOY.

04 June 2009

Exchange for Maru

This is what I sent to Maru in Mexico. Also included some wizard buttons, ribbon and floss rings.

Sure was fun making this. Looking forward to the Just Nan Exchange.

02 June 2009

Mary Whigham SAL

I am going to try and stitch the Mary Wigham SAL. I am hoping for the best. Sometimes my life gets a little hectic. I also have several exchanges in the next couple of months.

01 June 2009

Great Give Away!

Go over to Melissas blog. She is having a great giveaway.

Exchange Received!!

I got the most fantastic package from Maru in Mexico. She stitched a scissor case and fob. The Scissor Case has a delicate turquoise and purple design. The Fob has a little dragon and flower. There was a nice new pair of stork scissors attached. She also sent a sewing kit, in a great tin, from Gutermann's. Several skeins of turquoise and purple floss and a cute angel note pad.

Thank you Maru for a great exchange.

Head on Over!!

Cindy Mae has a design give away going on. She wants ideas. Leave her a comment and she will draw for a special design to be stitched up for the winner. She has also started a new blog for her designs. Go take a look!!!

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