16 May 2012

Spring Scissor Exchange Received!!!

This is the Exchange I received from my partner. She is Abi Gurden from The Stitch Specialists group on Yahoo. She designed the piece and named it Kate's Butterflies. I am blessed to say the least. It also included a purple pair of stork scissors. I took the pics from her as my camera is still not available. I am slowly getting settled and hope to have some more news later.

11 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Grandma Mary-Margaret Ross Roland

Mom  Kay Nichols Roland

Grandma LaRene Peterson Nichols
Miss you all, Mom and Grandma's. Wish you were here. 

08 May 2012

Have Arrived!!!

Well, I have arrived, unpacked the car, rested, and the internet is up and running!!!!!!! I can't stitch yet but, I still need to get settled in my room and such. Soooo, maybe next week I will have a space to stitch. Until then, THE WEATHER IS GREAT!!!!!

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