24 December 2012

Merry Christmas to all!
May your family have a Blessed and Joyous Holiday.
Today Christmas Eve we light the Christ Candle!
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!!

23 December 2012

 Today the Fourth Sunday of Advent we light the candle of Joy!

19 December 2012

Exchange Received!!!

This is what I received from my partner in Homespun Hannah's Ornie Exchange.
A really cute primitive snowman ornie, a snowflake ornie, a bar of rose and hibiscus soap, a box of candy and Christmas Pot Holders.
Thank you Linda for a wonderful exchange.
Thank you Danice for organizing this exchange.
My sons and myself May 2012. 
Loren the youngest on the left and Lee the oldest on the right. 
Lee had just brought my things from AZ and Loren was helping.

17 December 2012

 Today the Third Sunday of Advent we light the candle of Peace.

15 December 2012

Exchange Sent and a Birthday Celebrated!

Got the final exchange in the mail today. Will post pics when it arrives.

This is for Grandma Penni's 83rd Birthday. A pincushion. The pattern is from Red Brolly and I added felt leaves.
Yesterday I was helping a friend, so I did not see the TV or turn on the computer until late in the evening. I was horrified to see what had happened in Newton, Ct.

My prayers are with all who have been affected by this tragedy.

11 December 2012

Exchange Sent!

This is what I sent to Orquidea in Mexico. I have used her photos are they are much better than mine. This is the 5th year that I have participated in the MCE exchange. Thank you the Mayte' for organizing this each year.

09 December 2012

 Today the Second Sunday of Advent we light the candle of Love.

07 December 2012

Exchange Received!!

Received this really nice ornament from Isabel in Costa Rica. It is about 18 inches tall and I have hung it on my wall right inside the door. Thank you Mayte' for organizing another great year of exchanges.

02 December 2012

Today the first Sunday of Advent, we light the candle of Hope.

28 November 2012

Wet Weather!!!

Well, it has finally arrived. The wet winter weather. I am stiff, in pain and really slow moving. I am looking at my room and it is a disaster!! I just can't get the mojo to clean up all the stuff I have been using to sew with the last 2 months. The shows went alright, not any earth shattering amount made but covered the space rent at least. Need to finish somethings for Christmas and the mojo for that has gone as well. Back to the mess, maybe I can get a little headway at least. Blessings to all.

25 November 2012

Homespun Hannah's Ornie Swap

Come join the fun!!! 
Click the picture to go to the entry post.

22 November 2012

To all my American Blogging Friends
Happy Thanksgiving!
Blessing to you and your families!

11 November 2012



10 November 2012


29 October 2012

Prayers for the East Coast!!

I note to say that I am keeping the East Coast in my prayers. May the wind and rain subside before it does great harm to many.

24 October 2012

Hexagons in my sleep!

I am busy paper piecing hexagons for my craft fair. I am making table mats to sell. I use iron on interfacing instead of paper as then I don't have to remove the pattern. Will take pics when I get some totally finished. I am piecing now and will sew on the backings later.

14 October 2012

Exchange Sent!!

Fall Swap with Button Flozzies!!!
 This is what I sent to Maggie.

13 October 2012

Exchange Received

 Maggie outdid her self!!!! I love them all.

Really cute way to wrap the swap.

Thank you, it was FUN!!!

08 October 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

Mom would be 81 today. She passed away in 1995 due to cancer.

Kay Joan Nichols Roland
Love you and miss you very much!!!

01 October 2012

Life goes on!!!!

My Grandson Cayden, he is almost 4, a real bundle of energy.

Then again after a long ride in the desert 4 wheeling with daddy he is tuckered out.

Miss this family, they live in Arizona and were in S. California a couple of months ago.

28 September 2012


Well, it is that time of year again when I am to busy to think. I am helping an old friend with his computer work, there are 2 air shows that I will need to attend, and I have 2 craft shows in November. So, my fingers are busy and the iron is hot, if you don't hear from me much this fall, please forgive. I do hope to post some pics of my handy work soon.

16 September 2012

What I did on Sunday!!!

18 ct white adia, with 2 over 1 sq DMC. A little heavy maybe I will do it again and use 1 over 1 sq.
This was a challenge from Oak Haven Yahoo Group. I spent today stitching this little cutie. If I am one of the first 25 I will get a copy of her new Halloween chart. Keeping  my fingers crossed. Will finish tomorrow and send to a friend for Halloween.

****OMG I was the first one done. Can't believe that. I have finished another of hers' and have started another one. I am a glutton for punishment.

09 September 2012

Another Great Give Away from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe!!!

This is just a small part of what Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is giving away in the latest Give Away!!!!       

05 September 2012

Kath's Pearl Anniversary Give Away!!

Go over to Kath's Stitching Heaven and enter her Give Away for her Pearl Wedding Anniversary!!!!

Button Floozies Fall Swap!!

Sign up through September 19!
Click the picture to go to the link for this swap!!!!

02 September 2012

Yet another give away!!!!

Click the picture to take you to Designs By Fee  

01 September 2012


I couldn't help myself. I ordered the new Laura J. Perin design "Royal Pavillion" Go have a look.

MORE FUN to be had!!!!

Another Great!!! give away from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.
Click the picture above to go join the fun.

30 August 2012

FUN to be had!!!

Click on the picture to go to Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe for a great give away!!!!!

28 August 2012

Busy days!!

Lots happening around here, but not much stitching. We have a baby due tomorrow in the am, c-section and then the 5 yr old to take care of until mommy is up and around. Dad has PT and Speech Therapy and OT as well. Trying to keep him mobile. He doesn't understand much anymore when you ask him a question or doesn't hear not sure which. Alzheimers is a real downer. Got back into Civil Air Patrol and was appointed the Admin Officer. So, more time spent keeping records and such. I must say that I missed it a lot. Just finished an ornament for my Aunt, will get pics later this week. Just no time. Glad I am not Dons main caregiver. I wouldn't survive. I just try to help as much as I can. Some days more than others.

Now for the serious side.

Prayers for anyone who is in the path or was in the path of Issac. May you be safe and dry.

15 August 2012

In Progress!!

Purple Quaker, a freebie from the net. I am using 14 ct Adia and DMC 208 and 209.
Designed by Gazette 94
Hands to work, Hearts to GOD.   On 14ct Adia.
Year of the Dragon, Freebie from the net. I will find the artist and add later. Done on 28ct even weave.
Designed by Colorido
Freebie from Jardin Prive', on a piece of remnant, light blue 28ct.

Stitching 1 over 1, I have Spring done and started Summer, I am going to make a small bell pull.

13 August 2012

60th Anniversary Gift!!!!

This is a 60th Anniversary gift for my Aunt and Uncle. The center piece is a SAL from Saolya. Stitched and Beaded. The finished piece measures 5x7.

 Karen and Lou White - - - 8/16/1952 - 8/16/2012

All my Love
The Back

06 August 2012

Chocolate Exchange

27x36 piece of natural 32ct linen, Chocolate and Cherries by Heirloom Embroideries and All Dolled Up by Little House Needleworks

Gentle Arts Threads

Weeks Dye Works Threads

Crescent Colors Threads

Bella Soie Silk Threads

Size 8 beads

I was spoiled by my Exchange partner Joanne Pascoe. We belong to The Stitching Hangout on Yahoo. I really enjoyed this exchange and look forward to many more.

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