31 December 2013

30 December 2013

Exchanged Received

Merry Old Elf by Just Nan
28ct evenweave
Added a border and finished as an ornament
Sent to Jayne in the United Kingdom
This was part of an exchange on the
Hooked on Exchanging blog.

18 December 2013

December SAL page

Love by Just Nan from her Christmas Wishes pattern
I did it on 18ct over 2.

Simple felt ornament, I made these for my friends that have small children.

December page for the Needlework Masters Monthly SAL. This has been a really fun SAL.

14 December 2013

2013 Christmas Ornaments

 The top 3 are made of felt and hand stitched together.

These are from Art to Heart-Christmas Pin Ups.  They are supposed to be pins but I made them into ornaments.
They are hand pieced and have batting inside.

13 December 2013

MCE 2013-Exchange Received

This is the item I received from Italy.
This is Soldier Boy by Just Nan.
I sent it to Spain and it finally arrived.
It was for MagicXStitchs annual Exchange.
I have participated for the last 6 years.

30 November 2013

November page of SAL

This is the November page of my Needlework Masters Monthly SAL.
Why does it have a Halloween Just Nan? Well I suddenly had a wedding to prepare for and
I didn't get another piece done. I finished this on the 3rd and on the 4th my niece said will you
help with my wedding on the 29th. I made a small replica of the veil that I made for her. I also made a small veil for my great-niece and the garters and put ribbons on many other things, and altered the dress.
So, I didn't have much stitching time to even work on my 9 commissions for pieces by my Aunt. Now on to Christmas stuff.

The happy couple and the rest of the family.

17 November 2013

Happy Dance!!

Can't show pics as it is for an exchange. When my partner gets it I will post. Am waiting for the fabric from Stephsfabby for Tree Hollow Hoot-Just Nan. Need to get this one done for my November page in my SAL.

11 November 2013

09 November 2013

Birthday Celebration!


27 October 2013

Happy Dance!!

Poor Jack by Just Nan
28ct natural Linen with DMC threads
3rd of 6 commissions for Christmas.
Let's Be Friends by Ursula Michael
28ct evenweave with DMC threads

Scream Girls by Just Nan
32ct Natural Linen with DMC threads

15 October 2013

Happy Dance!!

Dragon Dreams-Fang
14ct Adia with DMC Threads
Freebie on Dragon Dreams Facebook page.



Just Nan-Moon Riders
32ct natural Linen with DMC Threads

11 October 2013

Sad Day!!

As I was reading my blogs today, I was sorry to see that Cathey had lost her battle with cancer. Prayers for her family and friends in this time of sorrow.

08 October 2013

Gone but not forgotten!! Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Mom left us on the 7th of March 1995. I can't believe that it has been 18 years. I think of you often.


01 October 2013

Sad News!

My Sister lost her mother last night. Though my father and she were divorced I still kept in touch. She was diagnosed with stage 4 Liver cancer just 3 weeks ago.  I know that Steph and her daughters will really miss her. I lost my own mother to brain cancer, now 18 years ago. It still hurts at times. I wish the best to Steph and her family. Prayers and Blessings.

27 September 2013

Pumpkins for Cathey!!!

This is for Cathey. Her blog anniversary is today. She is fighting Cancer and needs
our best wishes. Keep Fighting!

24 September 2013

September Page of Needlework Masters Monthly SAL

This is the first part of the Sept page. 
Just Nan-Nosegay
28ct even weave with DMC threads
The blue beads really sparkle. I hope I can get a better picture
of it when I put the final page up.

20 September 2013

Happy Dance!!

2nd of 8 on commission
Design by X-Appeal
14ct Aida with DMC threads

I re-did the bottom border and added the vine from the other pattern
that is with this one.

19 September 2013

Happy Dance!

The 1st of 8 commissioned pieces!!
This is by Waxing Moon Designs
14 ct Aida with DMC Threads
I didn't follow the listed threads. I used the front picture to
 gauge color and then chose from a DMC color chart.

29 August 2013

Needlework Masters Monthly SAL-August Page

Upper left is Just Nan-Royal Blossoms 2007
28 ct even weave with DMC threads
Lower right is silk ribbon embroidery
Close ups of  page

26 August 2013

Back home from playing nurse!

Well, my son is on the road to recovery. Six weeks though before he can give up the crutches. I have some catching up to do as my August page for the Needlework Masters Monthly SAL. Not finished. Over half done though so shouldn't take too long.

21 August 2013

Mother, Nurse ?

Going to go spend a couple of days with my youngest. He just had knee surgery and needs a little help with things. Won't be much sewing going on as he lives on a ranch and there is dirt, dirt and dirt every where.

19 August 2013

Latest Finish!!

Not much really but another one added to my Aunt's growing calendar display for the seasons and holidays.

14 ct Adia with DMC threads
Kit from Studio 8
Earth Fairy

06 August 2013

Cross over post from Just Nan Blog

Have been busy with a SAL and have stitched a Just Nan design every month since January 2013.  Not really good photos but then I am not a photographer. Enjoying the year long stitch. Not sure what August will be yet.

28 ct evenweave
Among the Roses

28ct natural linen
Bee Hive Violets

28ct even weave
Butterfly Lace

28 ct Linen
Dragonfly Summer

28 ct even weave
Have a Heart

28ct natural linen
Primrose Path

28ct even weave
I dyed the fabric
Rose Wings

03 August 2013

Finally found a few minutes to post July!

July page of my Needlework Masters Monthly SAL
Top left is Just Nan-Butterfly Lace on 28ct even weave
Lower Right is Glory Bee-4th of July on 28ct natural even weave.
Both use DMC threads

21 July 2013

Happy Dance Again!!

Hands to Work-Hearts to God by Donna Vermillion Giampa
on 14 Ct Adia with DMC threads
For my BF on her birthday 2013

20 July 2013

Fantastic Give Away on The Snowflower Diaries Blog

The give away is open until 4 August.

She has some really cute free patterns and why not look at her Facebook page as well.

08 July 2013

Happy Dance!

This is for the monthly SAL I am in. By Glory Bee on 28ct natural linen with DMC threads.
On 28 ct Envy Jobalen Fabric by Hand Dyed Fabrics By Stephanie
Pattern by Kissy Cross with DMC threads. The
website is in German.
This is for my Aunt's monthly display. This came from
Glory Bee, done on 28ct even weave with DMC threads.

02 July 2013

Happy 111th Birthday!!

July 2, 1902 - May 30, 1983

We lost him on Memorial Day of 1983.  

01 July 2013

Devastating News!!!!


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