24 April 2013

April Stitching!

This is my page for the Needlework Masters Monthly SAL.
I stitched Just Nan-Among the Roses. I bought this kit in 2000 and finally stitched it up. It came with silk threads and I am now in LOVE! The second piece is Assisi work and is a simple free design I found online.

This is a birthday present for a very good friend.

19 April 2013

Prayers for West, Texas!

With all that is happening in Boston, it seems that what happened in West, TX is being forgotten.

Prayers for all those lost and for those who have not yet been found. Our prayers should continue even after, as West will have a long road ahead of them to recover from this devastation.

Terror in Boston!

I don't usually post about current events, but, what has been happening in Boston this past week requires that I say something.

First and foremost  my prayers and thoughts are with all who have or are living through the nightmare unfolding in Boston.

The bombing, the shooting of a police officer and now a door to door search.

But, with that said,  these two men that the authorities are chasing are innocent until proven guilty.

This is America.

The media is chasing anyone that is remotely attached to this men and putting them on TV just for air time. CNN especially is hyping rather than reporting. I had hoped they would learn better tactics, but, it doesn't seem so.

06 April 2013

Birth Sampler Progress

This is 2 of 4 birth samplers that I need to get done. I finished the first in January.

for Emery my Great Niece. Bug in a Rug by Janlynn.

RAK received!!!

These are what arrived in the mail on  Good Friday. I finally got a chance to take pics and get them posted. These are an RAK from Maggee at stitchingdevotee.blogspot.com

I can't wait to do the God's Critters but I have to finish this months part of a SAL and then I can get started. I have the perfect fabric as well.

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