28 December 2014


I have decided that I need to finish some of the WIP's in my box. So, I hope to not start anything more until I finish at least a couple of the things in my box. I think there are about 10-15 WIP's at this point. Wish me luck.

Happy New Year to one and all!!

24 December 2014





Christmas Exchanges

Sent Candy Cane Stitchers-Tina Nichols

Received from MCE-Alejandra Bernardini

Received Candy Cane Stitchers Exchange- Dee Jongsma

Received Stitch Specialist Exchange-Helen Jones
Sent MCE-Africa Perez
blogspot keeps putting the finished picture in upside down so this is the stitching before finishing.
These are the exchanges that I participated in this Christmas. I am still waiting for one to arrive so no picture of it yet.

01 December 2014

November progress and a finish

Just Nan SAL-Christmas Cheer

Christmas Robin by Atelier Soed Idee is a freebie on her site.

19 November 2014

Happy Birthday!!!

This is my sister. She lives in Texas. I miss her and want to wish her a very Happy Birthday!!!

11 November 2014


Raleigh Roland-Captain USArmy

Donald Roland-PFC USMC

Lou White-Chief Master Sergeant USArmy

Loren Braden-PFC USArmy

29 October 2014

Latest Finish!!

Blackbird Designs
Joyeux Noel-Love Letters
32ct Linen
DMC threads
I used a scrap piece of linen. It looks really primitive. Love the finish. Looks like a scrap of an old sampler.

12 October 2014

WIP and Happy Dance!

Just Nan-Flowering Crown
Sept SAL progress
I know I'm a little late but it has been a hectic month.
28ct white evenweave and DMC threads.

Prairie Schooler-Prairie Fairie 1996
18ct fiddlers cloth
DMC threads

08 October 2014

Happy Birthday Mom!! Miss you!!

Always in my Heart
Happy Birthday!!!

21 September 2014

Stressed Again!!!

Youngest just had 7th surgery on his knee. Doctor took out the screw from last years surgery and couldn't tell where the infection is hiding. Sent things off to the Pathologist and maybe they can find the type of infection that just won't go away. 

Exchange Sent and Received!

Received from Marie
Just Nan-Poor Jack
Sent to Carol
Brookes Books Freebie
Haunted Tea Party
32ct natural Linen with DMC threads
15' beads

11 September 2014

Happy Dance

Brookes Books-Haunted Tea Party
32ct natural Linen
DMC Threads
15' beads

Close up showing beads

August Just Nan SAL finish

Just Nan-Tree Hollow Hoot
28ct Evenweave white
Used instead of the orange as I couldn't find.
DMC threads

01 August 2014

Just Nan SAL!

Well, I have done more stitching on Just Nan's Tree Hollow Hoot and only need to finish some of the leaves in the right corner. BUT, my out board hard drive with all the pics died! The camera is out of batteries, SO, I don't have a pic to post. I hope to get the hard drive up downloaded to other discs and get the info at least.

Just Nan - Tree Hollow Hoot
Progress for July 2014

Edit-- Finally got batteries for the camera. Still don't have hard drive up and running.

16 July 2014

What I received in Exchange!

This is what came in my exchange on Heathers' blog.
This came from Cucki in S Africa.

A close up of the cute ladybug biscornu. It is only 3 inches across.

Thank you Heather and Cucki for the great exchange!

12 July 2014

Exchange Received!

Sent these to Germany to Brita. The exchange was organized by Heather at Heathers Stitching Story. I also made and included a needle minder, a matchbook needle book and a scissor fob. The package has arrived and I can now publish the pics.
The Prairie Schooler-Prairie Fairie 1994
18ct Adia-DMC threads and 15' beads
 As legend has it, the Prairie Fairie rides on the wings of a blackbird and scatters sunflower seeds over open fields the night of the first full moon of summer.

The Prairie Schooler-Prairie Fairie 1995
18ct Adia-DMC threads
In her patchwork dress and pincushion hat the Stitching Fiaire rides on the wings of her sewing bird, completing all those unfinished projects with the needle and thread she always carries with her.

I am in the process of stitching the third design in this series and have the fourth waiting in the drawer. I will stitch these two again for my own enjoyment.

11 July 2014


Youngest Son!
Had his knee repaired last August.
Was visiting friends in Arizona and his knee started to hurt.
Came home and went to the ER. He has an infection in his knee and calf. Had surgery to remove the infection as antibiotics were not doing the job. Surgeon says his knee is looking great but not sure where the infection came from. Still in the hospital since Tuesday as he still has a fever and chills off and on and the knee is now needing to heal again.

This is the 6th surgery on the same knee. He hurt it while he was in the Army in 2004 and it has been going down hill ever since. Had the ACL rebuilt twice.

To say the least I am not getting much stitching done. My exchange did arrive in Germany though.

04 July 2014



02 July 2014

Happy Birthday!!

Grandpa Nichols would be 112 today! Miss you everyday!

30 June 2014

Just Nan SAL Update

Just Nan-Tree Hollow Hoot update. Colors are actually much brighter and crisper.
Used white instead of the orange, I wanted to get started and couldn't find an orange.
Just Nan Sal on Zeb's blog

26 June 2014

Gift for Aunts' Birthday!!

Design by Lynn B- 4th of July Mini Cat

Design by Lynn B - Summer Mini Cat

Don't remember the designer
Edit: This is a Freebie from Glory Bee!
Took a while but I found it in my stash.

Left is the back on the Red-White-Blue ornaments and the Right is the back of the summer cat.

18 June 2014

Second Finish for June!

Prairie Schooler-Prairie Fairie 1994
Spreading sunflower seeds on the night of the first full moon of Spring.
18ct Fiddler Cloth-DMC threads.
I used beads for the seeds.
Only 2 more in the series.

09 June 2014

Latest Finish!!!

1995 Prairie Fairie
The Prairie Schooler
The Stitching Fairie
18ct Fiddlers Cloth-DMC threads
I am going to stitch all four of these designs.

30 May 2014

Just Nan SAL May update

Progress since last update

1 over 1

As a whole
True Friends
Just Nan SAL

16 April 2014

Exchanges Sent

Just Nan-Lady Bug Santa.
This pattern and the previous post were sent out as my Spring and Christmas Exchange pieces for HOE blog.
I found that my partner in both exchanges was the same person. She likes Just Nan.
Both done on 28ct Even Weave with DMC threads and Kreinik.
This is also my entry for April into the Just Nan SAL.
I am still working on my larger piece True Friends.

29 March 2014

Just Nan SAL

Designer Just Nan
Design Spring Peepers
28ct light blue evenweave
DMC threads/Kreinik 

21 March 2014

Welcome to the family!!

Angelica Eleena-In├ęz Ortiz
9lbs 9ozs 20"
11:47 am
March 21, 2014

This is my Great Great Niece
Makes my brother a Great Grandpa again.

18 March 2014

Exchange Received!

I can now show you my latest Happy Dance. It has been received by my exchange partner.
Boo Mansion
Blue Ribbon Designs
JCS Christmas Issue 2012
28ct evenweave
DMC threads

05 March 2014

Happy Dance

Well, for me any way. I can't show pics as it is an exchange. All I have to do now is get it mailed. I have started the next exchange piece and signed up for another that ends in May. I am still working on my Just Nan SAL and will show pics again at the end of the month.

Keep stitching and remember to take time to enjoy!

27 February 2014

February Update on my Just Nan SAL

 This is the progress I made on Just Nan True Friends
This is the piece as a whole.
This is the progress on Just Nan Tree Hollow Hoot.

I really haven't gotten much done, as I have been sick with the local Crud or Cold if you will. Then I had some problems with meds and had to give up on my pain meds as they have started to irritate my stomach. 
I have been looking at the other peoples stitching for the SAL and they are all beautiful!!!!

We are finally getting some rain in California and that is a real GOD send.

Thank you, Lord!

Enjoy your time with your needle. May it bring you contentment.

30 January 2014

Just Nan SAL

True Friends
28ct Even Weave
DMC threads and Kreinik
Used Khaki fabric so that the border would show better.
 #4 of 6 commissions, they are all about friendship.

Tree Hollow Hoot
28ct White Even Weave
DMC thread
Used white because I couldn't find the orange and I wanted to stitch it reallllllly bad.

These are both for a year long SAL put on by Zeb.
The link in on my sidebar.

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