30 November 2009

Fantastic Give Away!!!!

Feathers in the nest is having a great give away!!! A musical photo box, 3 pair of Kelmscott Designs scissors, an On Travel with Jane Austen Sampler and a couple of boxes for your stitching supplies.

24 November 2009



New File--ENJOY

I have uploaded a new file to my free files. It is a Christmas Sampler for 2009. Use your own colors and make it yours. I am in the process of stitching it and will upload a photo when I get the chance. My camera is not working at the moment and I can't email my self pics from my camera as we are in an area without service to do that.

23 November 2009

I am lost!!!

I think I have an exchange I am supposed to be doing but, I can't remember who it is with. Probably one of my Yahoo groups but??? Can anyone help me out. I would greatly appreciate it.

19 November 2009

Blog Anniversary!!!

Erynne is having her 2nd blog anniversay. She has a great give away contest.

11 November 2009


Remember to Thank a Veteran today!!!
Some didn't come home!!!!!

07 November 2009


Back on line. YAAAAAA!!!! Lots of things still to do though. Will start publishing this next week. Missed you all.

06 November 2009

Internet YAAAAA!!!!

The phone and internet will be hooked up tomorrow. I have finally finished my exchanges pieces due last month and will mail soon. I still do not have a camera so if you get and exchange please post on your blog and I will copy the pics if you don't mind. The weather is still summer here and nice but, not too warm and really nice in the morning. Hoping for another load of househould goods this weekend. Will see if the friends coming over have room for any of our stuff.

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