16 March 2011

Contest Entry-2nd place

Entered this in the contest along with Grace and I got them back today. I also got a second place for this entry as well. This is a great piece. I am glad that it is back, I have a lasting memory of Lisa, the designer.
Got home today and found out that my grandson, 2yrs old, is sick and has lost 5 pounds in the last week. Has slowed him down some but he is still bright and cheerfully. Glad to be HOME!!!

11 March 2011

Uncles' Wedding

The Family at my Uncle's Wedding
Myself, Aunt Margaret, Aunt Mishi, Carol, Rick, Rick Jr., Dad
Dad is the oldest, then Margaret, Rick and then Mishi
The next day we all left for a trip around NE Arizona, the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Jerome, Walnut Canyon and Williams.
Much Fun had by ALL!!!


Recently I asked for followers and anyone else who read my blog to comment and tell me that they wanted to be part of a PIF. I had two takers, but, I need their addresses so that I can ship and item to them. I also need at least one more person to send to within the next 12 months. I am hoping that it won't take 12 months to complete this PIF. Please send your address to my email which is located on my profile page.


At this terrible time, we need to remember the people of Japan. Please remember them in your prayers and thoughts. This tragedy will continue to unfold and the aftermath will last for sometime to come.

02 March 2011

Tribute to Lisa Roswell

 I am so sorry to hear that Lisa Roswell the designer of this piece was tragically killed this past Monday. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.

I recently finished this piece. It was a great pleasure to stitch. 1 over 1 on 28ct evenweave.
I recharted the colors to DMC so it is a bit brighter that charted. It is also much smaller than charted, it is in a 5x7 frame.

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