31 December 2009



30 December 2009

Exchanges Sent

Ornament sent for a Christmas Exchange.
Really bad picture of another ornament sent for exchange.

Harvest ornament sent for exchange.

Christmas Received

Received this beautiful box made by my Aunt. She painted the top several years ago. She has a friend that reduced it and laminated it to the top. She then put the box together. This is the second picture that she has given me. She has sold a couple recently and is very excited about he prospect of selling more. She also included a check which I promptly spent on stash. I got 3 pieces of 28ct linen, 4 packs of 28 needles by DMC.

I also received a book that I wanted from Amazon. My sister sent it.

I am now busy trying to finish Cayden's birth sampler. Needs to be done before the 14th of Jan. Wish me luck. I have neglected it and it is only 1/2 done.

24 December 2009

TUSAL last update for 2009

Missed alot of months with no camera. Will start anew on 1 Jan 2010.

For the Baby!!!

He is almost 1.
This is a freebie from Brooks Books
Stitched on 14 ct Adia
Used DMC and added his name.
The snow flake is done in DMC metallic. Didn't show up to well.

23 December 2009


Such an old saying but none the less meaningful.
May you and yours have a safe, enjoyable, Christmas.
From Kate and Family

20 December 2009

Such a Wonderful Give Away!!!

A Note of Friendship is having a fantastic give away. Isn't it just beauitiful? Everything is included except the scissors. Julie and Becky have made all the little stitchy things inside. Go on over and join in the fun.

18 December 2009


Merry Christmas to all from Our House to Yours.Cayden didn't much like Santa. Maybe Next Year.
Cayden Lee Braden 11 mos

13 December 2009

Exchange Received

The inside of a sewing roll up. I put in 3 pockets, a pincushion, thread holders, scissor pocket, and pages for needles. I included some counting pins.This is the cross stitch in put on the front.

This was an exchange for Fall Harvest. I am glad that Sharon enjoyed it.

09 December 2009

Christmas Give Away!!!

Chiloe's Corner is having her first ever give away. Isn't he just the cutest. Bounce on over and have a look.

07 December 2009



01 December 2009

Gift of Stitching Contest Entry

28 ct Natural Linen
14' beads
DMC - 815 and 783 used for the outline next to the beads.

Had to use my scanner. Soooo, no stuffing yet. I have made it into a sachet for my desk. I stuffed it with lavendar and fiber fill. I couldn't scan it after I stuffed it. I don't have a camera right now so this is the best I could do.

30 November 2009

Fantastic Give Away!!!!

Feathers in the nest is having a great give away!!! A musical photo box, 3 pair of Kelmscott Designs scissors, an On Travel with Jane Austen Sampler and a couple of boxes for your stitching supplies.

24 November 2009



New File--ENJOY

I have uploaded a new file to my free files. It is a Christmas Sampler for 2009. Use your own colors and make it yours. I am in the process of stitching it and will upload a photo when I get the chance. My camera is not working at the moment and I can't email my self pics from my camera as we are in an area without service to do that.

23 November 2009

I am lost!!!

I think I have an exchange I am supposed to be doing but, I can't remember who it is with. Probably one of my Yahoo groups but??? Can anyone help me out. I would greatly appreciate it.

19 November 2009

Blog Anniversary!!!

Erynne is having her 2nd blog anniversay. She has a great give away contest.

11 November 2009


Remember to Thank a Veteran today!!!
Some didn't come home!!!!!

07 November 2009


Back on line. YAAAAAA!!!! Lots of things still to do though. Will start publishing this next week. Missed you all.

06 November 2009

Internet YAAAAA!!!!

The phone and internet will be hooked up tomorrow. I have finally finished my exchanges pieces due last month and will mail soon. I still do not have a camera so if you get and exchange please post on your blog and I will copy the pics if you don't mind. The weather is still summer here and nice but, not too warm and really nice in the morning. Hoping for another load of househould goods this weekend. Will see if the friends coming over have room for any of our stuff.

24 October 2009


Still no internet access. I have to go to the library and gas is at a premium. So only once a week check in. I am behind on exchanges and such. Couldn't move in until this last week. Finally found my sewing and can start stitching. To all who are expecting exchanges please be patient. I am wayyyyyy behind. Wether is great!! Love AZ

01 October 2009

Off Line

I will be off line for at least the next week. I have been packing and moving this past week and have not had time to read any blogs. I don't have access to the internet where I am staying until I leave for AZ next week. Until I get to AZ, Blessings to all and you are in my prayers as well.

23 September 2009


OMG, The truck and trailer will be here Sat not next Thurs. Pack faster, faster, faster.

18 September 2009

TUSAL update!!!

Well, I would put up a picture of my TUSAL jar but, my camera died. New batteries and it still doesn't work. I don't know what I am going to do though. I can't afford to buy one right now. We are moving and every dollar counts. Will have to push ahead though.

Not much change in my TUSAL jar though, I have been to busy getting ready to move. I have a couple of exchanges though I am working on. I hope to finish before we move. Will use my cell phone but the pics won't be very good.

Until next time.

11 September 2009



08 September 2009


I am moving back to AZ on 1 Oct. My kids decided to move there and I am going with them. Rent is cheaper and jobs also. My job of 2o years is now non-existant as my boss has decided to retire. No job, No rent. Hope to find a part-time job in AZ and help the kids with rent, and/or babysitting so she can work as well. Will be off-line probalby about a week, starting 28 Sep - 3 Oct. Local library has a great computer department. Later..

New Give Away!!!

Riona is having a Halloween Chart and Birthday give away. See her Sept 4 post on her blog.

04 September 2009

New Software

Found this neat software, been looking for sometime. This is just a practice run.


Amber you get the Borders leaflet. Love your blog. Branlaadee you get the Oriental leaflet. Please send me and email with you snail mail address. Branlaadee I have been following your blog for sometime. Great fur friends.

30 August 2009

Two Finishes!!!!

Julys' ornament for the 2009 Christmas Ornament Challenge.
Chilly's Gift
Freebie from Stitchy Kitty
18ct Adia
Changed some colors and added beads to the hat. The snow flakes are to put on after I make it up and the rinestone snow flake is his gift. I also stitched the snowflakes with Krenik #4 Silver.

Augusts' Ornanment
Freebie from Daffycat Designs
18ct Fiddlers Cloth
DMC threads

29 August 2009

More Leaflets

Victoriana Borders

Oriental-8 different designs This is a vintage pattern. Got it from my Mom, now gone, the charts are large color blocks, not the typical modern color with symbols. Paper is getting brittle, but the patterns are intact.

Garden of Tissue Box Covers-14 different designs
Just like before, leave a comment. Drawing names if more than one for each leaflet. Also, please leave your email, if your profile doesn't have your email in it. Thanks.....


Tracy you are going to receive the Circles. I need your email. You can send it to my email, which is listed on my profile.

Neabear you are going to receive the Borders. I need your email also.

I will have more after this morning, as I am going to go sort a bunch of stuff. I will also have a bunch of back issues of magazines. Later.....

27 August 2009

Leaflets to Give Away

Circles of the Sea-includes 4 different scenes and 2 different stitch sizes.
This is Beauitful Borders-includes many different configurations of Rose Borders.

Leave a comment for which one you would like. I will draw names if more than one person wants the item. More tomorrow.

26 August 2009

Cleaning House

Well, I finally got into the storage unit and have started to sort and get ready to give away. I have 5 leaflets already to go. Just need to remember to get battaries for the camera. I also need to take pics of my July and August ornaments and get them up on site. Look for the give away to start for sure on Friday.

20 August 2009

Monthly TUSAL update

Well another month has gone by. Is it almost Sept. I can't believe it. This is my entry into this months TUSAL. Floss from a couple of exchanges and birthday gifts and anniversary gifts. I am working on a PIF at the moment so can't say much. I have joined a Just Nan RR and am looking forward to that. I also have a Harvest Theme for my exchange group. Need to get going on this months Christmas ornament. Didn't finish July's' yet. OMG. The fires near by have done havoc to my lungs. I am needing my inhaler more and my head is clogged. Luckily the fire is almost totally contained and should be winding down. Just another summer in Central California. For the most part the weather has been relatively mild. We need to be thankful for that. We will probably get hit with really hot weather in late Sept and in Oct. Indian summer don't you know.

19 August 2009

Items Sent

Well, the items I have been stitching have been received. The first is an Anniversary gift for my Aunt and Uncle. The second is my LHN in the style of, I made it into a needlebook. They were labors of love. The hedgehogs came from a freebie and were stitched on 18ct adia. The needlebook is a By the Bay freebie and was stitched on 18ct adia. The next exchange is in a Fall Theme.

16 August 2009

New Blog Anniversary Give Away!!!

The Daily Mel is having her 8year anniversary. She has put together a fantastic gift. Take a look and leave a comment on the giveaway post. Congratulations to Valarie!!!!!

I've been busy buttttt

I can't show what I have been stitching as it is an anniversary present for my anut and uncle and I have just finished and will mail monday. Their anniversary is today 16 Aug. I am behind due to the fire this week, made it so smokey I couldn't breath well. I hope they like it.

15 August 2009

Another Great Give Away!!

I have to Say
is having a fabric giveaway. Aren't these just the most fantastic fabrics? Go over before Sunday Aug 16 to enter.

10 August 2009

Another Giveaway

Giveaway on Loris' blog. Congratulations to Cindy Mae!!!!

08 August 2009

Exchanges Sent and Received

I sent this Halloween ornament as an Exchange on Brooks Books Yahoo Group. It has now been received and I can post the pic.
I sent this ATC as part of the ATC Birthday Exchange Group. Both of these were fun to make and I will make more I am sure.

04 August 2009

Give Away at The Stitchers Abbey

Bonnie is having a blog anniversary and birthday give away. She has 2 copies of last years JCS Christmas preview issue. Leave a comment on her blog that has the post and she will draw on her birthday. 29 August. Good luck to all.

02 August 2009

New Give Away!!!

Go over to Mama Spark's World she is having a fantastic giveaway. A $50 gift card to Bunny Hill Designs. They have some of the yummyest fabrics.

01 August 2009

Exchange Received!!

I received this lovely LHN design from Elisa in the UK. She included two skeins of variegated floss as well. Thank you Elisa!!!

Exchange Received

Isn't this ornament just too cute? I received this Halloween in July from Jillian. We are both part of Brooks Book Interactive Group on Yahoo. She also included 2 Halloween Patterns. Thank you for a GREAT exchange.

30 July 2009

Winner Is!!!

Well my anniversary has arrived and I used a random number generator to pick the winner.

22 entries and the number was 4.

Cindy F. , I have emailed you to ask for your snail mail. Congratulations!!!!

Thank you to all who entered.

25 July 2009

New Give Away

Bev at My Wee Stitchy Blog is having a great give away to celebrate her 100th post.

21 July 2009

Monthly Update on TUSAL

Well, it's the new moon and time for a TUSAL update. There are bits of 2 ATC's, 2 Exchanges and my finish of A Star is Born, birthsampler. Not much stitching going on right now as the heat is unbearable. I don't have AC either. Keep Stitching, Keep Smiling and Always remember to ENJOY!

20 July 2009

Blog Anniversary

Well here it is!!! My Blog Anniversary. 2 years ago, I started an experiment. It seems to have worked.

36 Skeins, 29 Colors, DMC Rayon Floss. Thought at one time I might try Brazilian Embroidery. Haven't had the time. Sooo, some one will be the lucky recipient of this stash. Also, will include mystery items. Hint, I used to sell Delica beads.

Leave a comment on this post, if you are a follower I will add you twice, post about it on your blog and I will add you again. Closes on the 3oth of July, my actual blog anniversary.

Good Luck to all!!

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