29 August 2013

Needlework Masters Monthly SAL-August Page

Upper left is Just Nan-Royal Blossoms 2007
28 ct even weave with DMC threads
Lower right is silk ribbon embroidery
Close ups of  page

26 August 2013

Back home from playing nurse!

Well, my son is on the road to recovery. Six weeks though before he can give up the crutches. I have some catching up to do as my August page for the Needlework Masters Monthly SAL. Not finished. Over half done though so shouldn't take too long.

21 August 2013

Mother, Nurse ?

Going to go spend a couple of days with my youngest. He just had knee surgery and needs a little help with things. Won't be much sewing going on as he lives on a ranch and there is dirt, dirt and dirt every where.

19 August 2013

Latest Finish!!

Not much really but another one added to my Aunt's growing calendar display for the seasons and holidays.

14 ct Adia with DMC threads
Kit from Studio 8
Earth Fairy

06 August 2013

Cross over post from Just Nan Blog

Have been busy with a SAL and have stitched a Just Nan design every month since January 2013.  Not really good photos but then I am not a photographer. Enjoying the year long stitch. Not sure what August will be yet.

28 ct evenweave
Among the Roses

28ct natural linen
Bee Hive Violets

28ct even weave
Butterfly Lace

28 ct Linen
Dragonfly Summer

28 ct even weave
Have a Heart

28ct natural linen
Primrose Path

28ct even weave
I dyed the fabric
Rose Wings

03 August 2013

Finally found a few minutes to post July!

July page of my Needlework Masters Monthly SAL
Top left is Just Nan-Butterfly Lace on 28ct even weave
Lower Right is Glory Bee-4th of July on 28ct natural even weave.
Both use DMC threads

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