22 January 2008

Will head for CA on the 8th of Feb. Most of my things left today with a friend who has a pickup and is going home after visiting Kristie and Jr. Loren has found a 30ft trailer and is moving it to the property where he keeps his horse. His household goods are going into storage and mine are coming out. Lee and I will be living where Loren and Lee were living. Lees' girlfriend is living with her parents until they get married next year. The baby is due this summer. Dad is coming up to Lake Havasu to watch the superbowl and spend some time with me before I go home. I went to the Quartzsite Swap meet last weekend. OH, MY God! I have never seen so many people and sellers in my life. It covered almost 4 city blocks on both sides of the road not to mention the swap meet down town. Had a great time and bought some beads and things. Time is almost up on the computer here. Kristie got a new computer this morning but needs to get a new broadband modem before she can go online as the configuration of the port is different. More later. Kate

03 January 2008

Things Change!

Well, I may be moving back to CA. The landlord raised Jr and Kristies rent because I am living there. I can't afford to pay them. Soooo, I guess I will go back to Templeton and live with Lee and Kristie. Lee is going to need a lot of help with the baby and learning how to cook and keep house. I tried when he was at home but to no avail. Kristie will want to go back to work after the baby comes and she will need too, so I am willing to help. Lee and I get along, compared to Loren and I, we don't see eye to eye on much of anything. I really don't want to but we shall see. Dad says don't make any hasty decisions, so I will wait until at least mid month before setting my plans in motion. Took David to see the new Chipmunk movie yesterday. It is cute, and a good one for kids. No violence, bad language or sex. More later.

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