30 June 2010

Recently received RAKand PIF

PIF received from Mary Kathryn at
ehandcrafts.com this is just to cute.

From Lynn Bruce in England. I sent her some tatting materials and she sent a thank you. Isn't it pretty. And, my favorite color to boot.

TUSAL and ornament of the month!

Ornament for the month of June

TUSAL a little late but non the less.

29 June 2010

Stash Clearout



These are up for grabs. I want $1.50 a piece. This will cover shipping. As you can see they cost $6 and $6.50 new. They have never been used. My email is in my profile. I am not doing much beading and I need to pare down my stash. These will work in x-stitch as well.

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