31 January 2012

Dragon Roll Part 2

This is the second start on Dragon Roll.
I used a piece of fabric that was too small.
This one is in Caron Waterlilies Silk and Krenik Silk Mori
I prefer the Caron silk. I am waiting for the 3rd part and then will add the beads.

25 January 2012

IHSW !!!

Mystery Dragon Needle roll by Saolya.
This is what I was working on this last weekend. I didn't get much done as I ended up taking care of the Grandson both days. I have developed a cold so I am somewhat miserable. I am starting over on the dragon as well as I placed it on the fabric wrong and ran out of room on the right side. I won't be able to finish him with the full pattern, but, I will make him into something else.

22 January 2012


TUSAL for Jan 2012
Had to take it out of the jar. I am using an old canning jar and it is faceted and you can't see through it.
I have been sick most of the year so far and I don't have much to show. Most of this is from exchanges and I can't show pics yet. Hopefully I will have more to show next month.

21 January 2012

IHSW !!!

This is "International Hermit Stitcher's Weekend", to sign up go to Random Ramblings, I am hoping for a quiet weekend but, I may have to watch Cayden if Lee goes to work. He is my 3 yr old grandson and a real handful. Well, at the moment it is quiet, so on to stitching. YEAH!!!

19 January 2012

Happy Birthday!!!!!

LaRene J. Peterson Nichols

LaRene Peterson and Clifford Nichols
Maternal Grandparents
Mary Margaret Ross and Raleigh B. Roland
Paternal Grandparents
They are all gone now but not forgotten.

18 January 2012

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Cayden Lee
3 years old

He loves big trucks!!
Choc cupcakes and whipped cream icing.

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