08 October 2015

Miss you MOM! Happy Birthday!!

Kay Joan Nichols Roland
10-8-1931 to 3-7-1994

14 September 2015

Life Update!

I have been off line for quite a while. Dad has had two kidney stone surgeries in two months. It has taken a toll on him. I have been busy with nursing and doctors appts. Hopefully it will all turn out well and I can get some more stitching done. The two pieces I put up earlier are the only things I have gotten done in 4 months. I have others waiting in the wings and need to get started on Christmas as well.

Two Happy Dances! FINALLY!!!!!

Sam Sarah Designs-Jeepers Creepers
28ct even weave with DMC colors

Sam Sarah Designs-Pumpkint Blackwork
28ct even weave-DMC threads
I dyed the fabric myself.
Love how it turned out.

02 July 2015

Happy Birthday Grandpa Nick!! We miss you!!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Nick!!!
July 2, 1902 - - May 29, 1983

26 June 2015

Dad's Birthday!!!

Don Roland June 20, 2015

The Family that was able to gather for his birthday. My Sister and her husband from Texas and my sister-in-law and her three children and my oldest and his wife.

We also had 3 great grand children here.

A great time was had by all!!!
They have gone home now and Dad and I are finally rested and the routine is back to normal.
Until next year!!!
God Bless!

19 June 2015


The news out of South Carolina is devastating to say the least. Please keep all of the people killed and their families in your prayers during these dark times.

29 May 2015

Moving Update!!!

Finally have dad settled in and unpacked. Now it is my turn to unpack. I don't mind taking my time, he on the other hand was impatient to say the least. Have put about 100 stitches in to a piece and that is about all. Have my table set-up though and getting organized. Hopefully before the end of June I will have something to show for my efforts.

06 May 2015

Move Accomplished!!!

I am now in Arizona. Got here on sunday and am slowly trying to get the house in order. Dad is really happy that I have finally arrived. The house is a nice one so I am sure we will be happy here. After hurting my ribs last week, it is hard to get things done. Still sore!! Weather has been decent, but, I know that the heat is coming!! Bear with me as I get settled, my stitching will be the last thing to come out of boxes.

Trailer empty

Trailer loaded. 

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