06 March 2015

Life Changing Events

I am now in the process of packing my things and heading back to Arizona. I spent last weekend there packing my father and moving him from the desert into Lake Havasu City to stay with friends until I can get there and we will get a place together. He is 84 and needs help with things. I really don't like Arizona during the summer but such is life. Dad won't come back to California so I am going to AZ. I won't be on the computer as often and since I don't post that often anyway I am sure you won't miss me to much. I have put the stitching away and have started packing. It will take a while to do it right. I will still follow all of my friends and be thinking of you. Until next time.

07 February 2015

Happy Dances!!!

Just Nan-The Queen's Needle
28ct white DMC threads

Just Nan-Christmas Cheer
28ct blue and white check DMC threads

I have not started any new pieces yet and have finished 3. I am dwindling down the WIP pile.
My photo skills are not great and even with my new table top photo studio, I just can't get the light right or the colors.

04 February 2015

It has been a crazy week!

Won't go into detail but I got so busy that I forgot to post my Grandfathers birthday. He is gone, but not forgotten.

About 1945? while he was in the Army.

About 1960's
This is how I knew him.

January 28, 1909 to May 1982

Raleigh Bruce Roland

20 January 2015

Happy Dance, Finally!!

Freebie from Barbara Ana
Facebook Group Candy Cane Stitchers
18ct Adia with DMC threads

18 January 2015

Happy Birthday Grandma LaRene! Miss you!

January 19,  1929
18th Birthday and Wedding Day
January 19, 1972
62nd Birthday and 43rd Anniversary


Love ya!!

17 January 2015

My Bad!!!

I have not finished anything, but, I have not started anything new! My resolution is holding. As, I haven't finished anything, I haven't published on my blog. I want to thank my followers for sticking around.

The most important thing is that my grandson turned 6 this past week. He is growing up too fast!

I miss him and his parents greatly. This is a picture taken when it snowed in Arizona where there is not normally snow. The new year came in ICY!

Back to work on those pesky WIP's. I will finish one yet!

28 December 2014


I have decided that I need to finish some of the WIP's in my box. So, I hope to not start anything more until I finish at least a couple of the things in my box. I think there are about 10-15 WIP's at this point. Wish me luck.

Happy New Year to one and all!!

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