28 January 2013

New Venture!!!

I have added a new page to my blog. It is called Kate's Kreations. On it are items that I design and make. I have been doing this for about 20 years and usually sell at craft fairs. But, this last winter, I only did one fair. So, I am left with inventory. I also have many hat pins and stick pins and will get them listed soon. Come have a look.

26 January 2013

Needlework Masters SAL

This is my January page for the Needlework Masters Monthly SAL.
The pin in the upper corner is one I made from buttons, beads, shells and specialty threads.
Dragon Dreams-A Spot of Tea
14ct Adia, with DMC threads. This is a freebie from their website.
Just Nan's-Dragonfly Garden
28ct Jobalan with DMC threads, beads and Dragonfly Charm.

Latest piece finished

This was a commission for a friend.
A scissor holder, a bag for holding loose items, a tape measure that is attached with velcro and pincushion.

This is a ORT container with a nickel to show size. When folded up it will fit inside the roll.

19 January 2013

Happy Birthday Grandma LaRene!!

Grandma would have been 103 years old today. She died young at 67. This is the only pic I seem to have on my computer. It is from her wedding day, Jan 19, 1929. She was 18 yrs old. Miss you a lot.

18 January 2013

1st Birth Sampler Finished!!

This is for a Great Great Nephew. The 1st of 4 I need to get done. This one is small, 5x7, the next is 9x13 and almost solid stitching, I will be at that one a while.

14 January 2013



1 year old

2 years old
3 years old
4 years old

Miss you and your Mommy and Daddy a lot. Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!

13 January 2013

Great Give Away on Mary Joan Stitching

Mary Joan Stitching is having a great give away. 4 leaflets, it ends Feb 1. Click on over and join the fun.

11 January 2013


I joined the Needlework Masters Monthly SAL. It is a year long SAL. I have made a book and will be putting some kind of needlework each month on a page.

I am not a great photographer. The Front of my Book. The piece is a kit that my son gave me sometime ago and I never knew what to do with it.

Violence Comes Home!

Yesterday, our family had the violence of school shootings come home. My Aunt, Cousin and family live in Taft, CA. My cousins daughter was only 2 doors down from the shooting. I thank God that she ok and pray for the young man that was shot.

I am a firm believer in the 2nd amendment but do acknowledge that we have to change our outlook on who has guns, how they are handled and stored. We also need to return God to the lesson plan for our young people.

06 January 2013

Happy Birthday!!!! 30 Years old

1986 3 years old

2012 30 years old
My youngest son is 30 today. I can't believe it. Am I really that old? Blessings and many more to you!

04 January 2013

What I have been doing!

This is a Blanket for my BF's new Grandson

 These four are designs by It's Daffy Cat. I stitched them and finished them all alike.

This is a Birth Sampler for a Great Great Nephew. It is one of four that I need to get done in the next year.
Edit:  There were 6 babies born into the family that I live with in December. Only one of the samplers is for them, The other 3 are babies born in the last 18 months that I am way behind on. My G-G nephew was born in 2011 and one girl in 2012, a boy in Aug 2012 and the last Dec 30 a boy. I usually take about 2 years for the sampler but have cut the size down to a manageable 5x7 for this one and I hope that others as well.

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