22 October 2010

Exchange Received!!

I entered an exchange at The Sassy Mini Dolls and have received from my partner. JoAnne Balaz. You can see it on her site. I don't yet have the ability to put up pics. I will get JoAnne's out soon. I have 3 others going that are do between Nov 1 and Dec 1. I love this time of year as I meet lots of new people through exchanges.

19 October 2010

Chart Wanted

Can anyone help me find or do you have a copy of Cross Eyed Cricket #140 "Keepsake". I have #141 Keepsakes II and would like to stitch the other 6 in the Brides Tree Ornaments. I would love any help you can give me. I am using a borrowed computer so I am not online as often as I would like to be. Send me and email. It is in my profile. Thank you to all in blog land.

08 October 2010



I am borrowing a computer to get email and to try and keep up with my blog reader. I am not going to be posting any pics for a while. I am involved in 4 exchanges and have to get them done. I lost most of my patterns and my Gift Of Stitching Digital magazine copies. A friend is going to dump my hard drive but that won't be for a couple of weeks. Seems the mother board on my 10 year old computer decided to have a nervous break down. I am left with the Christmas patterns I have already printed off and some books of patterns that I have from years ago. Hope my partners aren't too picky. More later, gotta go.

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