30 November 2010

Finally pics of Exchange Received!!!

I finally have a pic of the ornament I received from Joanne. The Exchange was organized by Sassy Mini Dolls. Thank you for a great Exchange.

23 November 2010

Exchange Received!

This is the ornament that I sent to Laura in Spain. She has received it now and I can show it to you. The top pic is the front, 1 over 1 on 28ct evenweave. The design is from Russia, Aliola, called the Galloping Deer. The bottom pic is the back. I personalized it with our initials and the year. Edited 11-29-10.

19 November 2010

Signed up for quilting class!!

I am going to take a class for a pieced welcome sign, with a western theme. I needed a present for my DIL and it is perfect. Really looking forward to it. It is on Dec 11, all day. Now to get the supplies together.

16 November 2010

Exchange Sent

I got my 3rd exchange off in the mail yesterday. Now the final one is in the works for mailing by Dec 1. Will publish pics when it is received overseas.

13 November 2010

Exchange Received!!!

This is the exchange I sent to Potel, in France. It has been received and I can now publish the pics. Thanks to Potel for taking the pic as I wasn't able to when I sent it. I will mail my next one on Monday.

03 November 2010

Exchange Received

This is the exchange that I sent to Joanne. She sent me a beeswax bear. I have yet to take a good photo of it. I am hoping that she will post a pic and I can steal it to post here.

Exchange Received!!!

Received this lovely item from Ohlala Broderie, Potel. Doesn't she do just perfect work. I am very happy with this exchange. You can't see it but the fabric is iridescent. This is the second of 4 exchanges that I am involved in this fall. I have sent out 2 and am working on the 3rd and 4th. I am waiting for my 1st partner to post pics so that I can put them on my blog. I still don't have a computer to put data on. The 1st was a beeswax bear with iridescent coloring on the front. Happy Fall !!!!!!

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