24 December 2012

Merry Christmas to all!
May your family have a Blessed and Joyous Holiday.
Today Christmas Eve we light the Christ Candle!
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!!

23 December 2012

 Today the Fourth Sunday of Advent we light the candle of Joy!

19 December 2012

Exchange Received!!!

This is what I received from my partner in Homespun Hannah's Ornie Exchange.
A really cute primitive snowman ornie, a snowflake ornie, a bar of rose and hibiscus soap, a box of candy and Christmas Pot Holders.
Thank you Linda for a wonderful exchange.
Thank you Danice for organizing this exchange.
My sons and myself May 2012. 
Loren the youngest on the left and Lee the oldest on the right. 
Lee had just brought my things from AZ and Loren was helping.

17 December 2012

 Today the Third Sunday of Advent we light the candle of Peace.

15 December 2012

Exchange Sent and a Birthday Celebrated!

Got the final exchange in the mail today. Will post pics when it arrives.

This is for Grandma Penni's 83rd Birthday. A pincushion. The pattern is from Red Brolly and I added felt leaves.
Yesterday I was helping a friend, so I did not see the TV or turn on the computer until late in the evening. I was horrified to see what had happened in Newton, Ct.

My prayers are with all who have been affected by this tragedy.

11 December 2012

Exchange Sent!

This is what I sent to Orquidea in Mexico. I have used her photos are they are much better than mine. This is the 5th year that I have participated in the MCE exchange. Thank you the Mayte' for organizing this each year.

09 December 2012

 Today the Second Sunday of Advent we light the candle of Love.

07 December 2012

Exchange Received!!

Received this really nice ornament from Isabel in Costa Rica. It is about 18 inches tall and I have hung it on my wall right inside the door. Thank you Mayte' for organizing another great year of exchanges.

02 December 2012

Today the first Sunday of Advent, we light the candle of Hope.

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