30 December 2011

Here is a great Give Away!!!!!

Reading and Stitching is having a great stash  give away. Go take a look.

28 December 2011

Christmas Keeps Arriving !!!!

Donna Dewberry Collection-Fiskars 12 in 1 tool

I promoted this on my Face Book page and my sister saw it and sent it to me for Christmas. It is really fantastic. I can't wait to try all the tools. She also has sent me 3 books off of my Amazon wishlist. She is the greatest sister ever.

23 December 2011

Final Finishes!!!!

The top one is for my son's inlaws, the middles one is of some ornaments that I made to give to friends, the bottom one is for my friends youngest. I made name banners for her other two last Christmas and a doll blanket for the youngest, but, she wanted a name banner as well. Soooo, I finally got one finished. 


12 December 2011

Visit a new blog that I have found.

Nicola is having a  Give away. Stitching by a Cornish Sea Shore.  Go have a look, she is rather new to stitching only since the 1990's. Her first piece was rather ambitious and she has gone on from there. Also, she has the two cutest boxers.

Poppy and Blue
Photo from Nicola Parkmans' blog

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