25 January 2010

Current WIP

Just Nan RR
I stitched the cushion/eyelets above the green leaves and have 1 more row after.
Brooks Books SAL of her alphabet

Progress on the Grandson's birth sampler.
I have the name and date on
now to finish the border and the backstitching.

22 January 2010


This is my Aunt Helen. She had MD and Breast Cancer. She passed away this morning at 4am MT. She will be greatly missed. RIP Helen. God has given you a new body, one without pain and disabilities. ALL MY LOVE!!!

15 January 2010

TUSAL Update

Not much to show for my first TUSAL of the year.
I have been working on my Grandson's Birth Sampler.
Baby Express by Deminsions.

14 January 2010


Cayden Lee 11 Months

Cayden Lee 1 year old!!!!

Work in Progress

Starting point
At this point
Today is the 1yr Birthday!!!
I was supposed to be done!!

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