21 August 2007

All Done!

Well, when I got home, it took all of 2 hrs to get the things I needed done. I can't understand why the boys wasted so much time. I am now back in Arizona. The drive to return the cadets home took 7 hrs. It took 5 1/2 hrs on the trip up. The traffic was the PITS! and we got on the wrong freeway in LA and that took about 1/2 hr to correct. I am happy to be home and I have gotten enough sleep so I am feeling a lot better. THANK YOU LORD FOR A SAFE TRIP!

09 August 2007

Well, tomorrow I will leave to take come cadets to encampment. I will return on th 19th. Not sure what I will find at home! I just hope to get the things done that I need too.

06 August 2007

Well, Rick got home and fixed the pump, so we can take showers and wash dishes. Helen will be home in about a week. I will be off to California by then to take some Cadets to Encampment. Will be afoot for the week but hope to borrow or beg a car to use for a couple of days. Need to get the boys to get somethings they were supposed to do DONE!. Kids will be kids, only mine are 25 and 26. Still need a whack up side the but once in a while.

05 August 2007

I wish it would rain again. The water pump at the well is not working, and I want a SHOWER!
Well, Aunt Helen had surgery and will be laid up for about 8 weeks. Life will be a bit hectic for a while. Uncle Rick, will need some help as she can't put weight on the leg for that length of time. Weather is still muggy but should clear for about a week starting Tuesday.

03 August 2007

Crazy Day!

The helicopter landed in our front yard when my aunt fell and broke her knee. I'm used to this at home as I am associated with an organization that runs the local Army Nat Guard Helo pad. But, not in my own front yard. They eventually took her to Las Vegas as everything closer was full. Such is life in the Deserts of Arizona.

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