29 April 2009

Camera Back From Vacation

Better Homes and Gardens-Cross Stitch Christmas 2002
I changed the dress colors from Aqua Greens to Purples.
I made this ornament as a rememberence for my Great Niece Katie Hopson-15 years old
She died last month after suffering a seizure. She was developmentally challenged and loved the color purple and angels.

First Exchange Received !!

I received the prettiest pinkeep today. There was a piece of linen as an extra. I hope my partner is as pleased as I am.

27 April 2009

New Blogs

Well, I just joined two new blogs. ATC birthday Blog and RAOK. I also just mailed my first exchange. HIP HIP HORRAY! Only a week late. I am stitching on an ornament for the 2009 ornament exchange blog. I would put up pics but my son has my camera until late this week. He is on vacation in AZ. Until later,


25 April 2009

Happy Dance!!!

I finished a pinkeep! First one ever. Will mail to my exchange partner Monday. Will post pics when she receives it.

23 April 2009

Totally Useless SAL

The Totally Useless SAL
My monthly contribution to The Totally Useless SAL. Included are a Kreinik wrapper, pieces of the inside of a pinkeep, and my orts.

20 April 2009

My entry into Nina's Giveaway!

I don't have as many as Nina but I do have a few. Received the large stork and stork with chinese fob from my mom's estate. The others I collected.

13 April 2009

Half Finished!

Well, I finished the main stitching on my biscornu, but the putting together is really going slowly. Having trouble with the corners. Started a swap piece today, of course can't say who it is for and what it is. Had to rethink my choice when I found out who my partner was and what she did and didn't like. Not a bad thing, now I have to stitch out of my comfort zone. Really a GOOD thing. I need to deviate(sp) once in a while. Would really like to put it on linen but no can do with my eyes. 18ct will have to do.

11 April 2009

05 April 2009

Stitching update

This is a new project I started and have almost finished. It is going to be a pinkeep. I got the pattern from a Better Homes and Gardens sampler book and designed the border myself. I have made a little progress on the Baby Express. I just needed a break for a couple of days.

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