11 July 2014


Youngest Son!
Had his knee repaired last August.
Was visiting friends in Arizona and his knee started to hurt.
Came home and went to the ER. He has an infection in his knee and calf. Had surgery to remove the infection as antibiotics were not doing the job. Surgeon says his knee is looking great but not sure where the infection came from. Still in the hospital since Tuesday as he still has a fever and chills off and on and the knee is now needing to heal again.

This is the 6th surgery on the same knee. He hurt it while he was in the Army in 2004 and it has been going down hill ever since. Had the ACL rebuilt twice.

To say the least I am not getting much stitching done. My exchange did arrive in Germany though.

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cucki said...

My dear you and your family are in my prayers..sending you big hugs and love xxx

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