30 January 2014

Just Nan SAL

True Friends
28ct Even Weave
DMC threads and Kreinik
Used Khaki fabric so that the border would show better.
 #4 of 6 commissions, they are all about friendship.

Tree Hollow Hoot
28ct White Even Weave
DMC thread
Used white because I couldn't find the orange and I wanted to stitch it reallllllly bad.

These are both for a year long SAL put on by Zeb.
The link in on my sidebar.


Zeb said...

You might have to find something else to add for the SAL Kate, these are coming along so quickly :)

xsfav14 - Chele said...

Hi, I have stitched True Friends 3 times for various friends. Now I need to find another bead pack so I can actually stitch it for myself! It is looking great!


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