28 August 2012

Busy days!!

Lots happening around here, but not much stitching. We have a baby due tomorrow in the am, c-section and then the 5 yr old to take care of until mommy is up and around. Dad has PT and Speech Therapy and OT as well. Trying to keep him mobile. He doesn't understand much anymore when you ask him a question or doesn't hear not sure which. Alzheimers is a real downer. Got back into Civil Air Patrol and was appointed the Admin Officer. So, more time spent keeping records and such. I must say that I missed it a lot. Just finished an ornament for my Aunt, will get pics later this week. Just no time. Glad I am not Dons main caregiver. I wouldn't survive. I just try to help as much as I can. Some days more than others.

Now for the serious side.

Prayers for anyone who is in the path or was in the path of Issac. May you be safe and dry.

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Patty C. said...

Best wishes to you during your busy time!

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