05 June 2009


The weather has been really wierd. Rain in California, in June? And for the last 4 days? I don't mind, but, this is just WIERD!. I have not been stitching much. I am helping the kids get ready for a Complex Wide Yard Sale. All the tenants are going to have tables and make a day of it. I also took a tumble while trying to corral the landlords dog. Bruised and a bit sore but I will mend. Worst part is I cracked a rib. The landlords dog got out when I went through the gate, and she had just had surgery on her broken arm, so I was trying to be nice. I hope to post a finish sometime tomorrow, of my June ornie. Later, Keep stitching, Keep smiling and always remember to ENJOY.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear you cracked a rib!!! I hope you get better soon.

CindyMae said...

How about you send some of that rain my way. We have been having some here but mostly just all around us! I am so sorry you took a fall! Just a couple weeks ago I took one as well. I hope that you recover soon!

Chrizette said...

I think the weather is strange everywhere, Kate. Our storms have started much too early this year. Luckily I love winter!


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