30 June 2009

I have added a new feature!!

I have added a box to let followers and visitors get my own designs. These designs are simple. I have just started. I like simple things. Easy to stitch and with colors that can be changed by the person stitching them, to fit their style. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. I have not stitched this current design, as I am just trying to get this started. I have included in the file a picture of the finished piece, as it would look stitched.


Janet C said...

Hi Kate
I just downloaded your violet biscornu. It is so pretty and I will certainly stitch it one of these days. Thank you for the design.

PaulineD said...

Very pretty Kate! This will make a lovely birthday gift, thanks for sharing it with us.

Marie said...

It looks so pretty Kate - and of course in the best possible colour :-)

CindyMae said...

That is a great thing and I just love the Biscornu! Wonderful job!! Thanks for sharing!!

Cindy Mae
My store opens July 1st!!

Marie said...

Please visit my blog, I have something there for you :-)

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