20 June 2013

Other things I have been doing.

This is a picture off the web of the next piece. It is better than I could ever take. The colors are correct as well.
Just Nan-Remember 9/11. This piece is going into our local fair.
3 roses for the 3 buildings
4 flowers for the 4 planes
Red-White and Blue silk for the American Flag
The Roman Numerals IX  XI for 9/11 used as a row under the word REMEMBER,
I wish I was a better photographer and could get a close up of the different rows.

This is for my great niece Emery in Texas I should be at least 1/2 done but other things keep getting in the way. I will be done though before her 2nd birthday, which is when I usually finish. The colors are off a little, just not great light. 

A decade rosary as a bracelet for the fair.

A bookmark for the fair.

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Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.

The Just Nan finish is beautiful and I love the Primrose Path finish too. I have this one in my stash to do.
Gorgeous bracelet and book mark too.
Happy weekend (:

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