07 June 2008

Life is Fluid!!!

Loren June 2008

This is Lees' birthday in Monetery. May 2008

I have decided to go back to AZ. I can't find a place that we can afford here and Lee and Kristie are not getting along. Alsoooooo, they are again pregnant!!! I am not sure where I will stay when I get to AZ. Dad is trying to find a small trailer that I can buy on time and still afford the space rent. Until then I am staying in CA for a month so that I can attend my friends' parents 60th wedding anniversary. Loren, well he did it up royal when he hurt his knee this time. He not only destroyed what had just been redone but did someother damage as well. The insurance company is fighting about paying him but is paying the doctor bills. Other than the above, I am having some health problems related to the stress, and this also is why I decided to distance myself from Lee and Kristie.

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