08 August 2008

Well, I'm still in CA. Can't find a place in AZ or CA, so am staying with a friend until ???. Also, my boss is OH MY GOD,NO not AZ. If he had the hours it wouldn't be so bad. Loren, his knee now has a brace on it all the time, but, the insurance company says they will not fix it again as it is not work related. Lawyer is mad to say the least. It wouldn't be broken again if it hadn't been broken to start with. I took him the LA wed and the VA did an MRI. They are looking at fixing it. He has gone back to work for a tow company, on limited duty(part-time). Lee and Kristie are living seperately but???, we are at 16 wks and counting. No sex determination yet. Lee and Loren are crashing at the same friends house for now, Kristie has gone home to her parents. More later. I don't get to the internet as often as I want but am trying to get there more often.

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