30 March 2008


Not much to say. We had a great Easter. Just the boys and Lees' girlfriend. A nice quiet family dinner. Kristie turns 21 March 31 so we are having a birthday party tonight. Just 2 other couples so not a really big thing. I am still helping Dale with his business and am grateful for the chance. My joints ache alot more here than in Az but I am still able to get around and do the things I want to do. I'm getting my room together and it is a challenge as Lee is rather slow to do the things he is asked. Not that he won't but he does things in his own time. That has always been one of the things that are a challenge when living with Lee. Loren is doing so much better. He is now on meds for his depression and is the sweet, loving, easy to talk to person I knew was hiding inside. I am not surprised, because his father is bi-polar, and of course Lee is autistic. Dad seems good. The new dog is giving him some fits but all in all he seems in better spirits since she arrived. Kris and kids are doing well, speak to her every couple of weeks. This picture is from Christmas when dad came to Havasu. Well, I need to go and finish the birthday cake. love to all

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