25 May 2009


We must always remember our fellow Americans who have served with Honor and Dignity. Some gave their All for us to be free.

Myself and son. Formal Awards Dinner. I was in the Army and am now in the Civil Air Patrol, Rank of Mjr. Loren was US Army and now Civil Air Patrol, Rank of 1st Lt.

My Son, Pfc US Army. Came home and joined the Civil Air Patrol USAF Aux.

My Father, on leave during Korea. Came home and joined the Coast Guard.

My Grandfather, 1st Lt, US Army while on duty in Germany after WWII. Now gone but not forgotten.


CindyMae said...

What a handsome serving family you have! Those are fantastic pictures! I personally thank you son, dad and granddad for all they have done for this country!

PaulineD said...

What wonderful phots, thanks for sharing them!

Cindy F. said...

I am so thankful to you and your wonderful family for giving us so much....freedom and feeling safe.
I am so proud of you for doing something I wish I had the courage to do:) God bless you and yours!!

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