21 October 2007

Life goes Round!

Went to CA for a week! Stayed almost 2 weeks. New car battery decided to short out and strand Dad and I for an extra 5 days. Finally got home, and it has been hectic. Kris decided not to work for Kmart and sell Tupperware instead. I feel kind of like a fifth wheel on a car. We shall see what happens now. Loren is much better since the removal for the excess scar tissue on his knee and is healing nicely. Lee is falling in love and talking about marriage. I thought I would never see that day! Her name is Kristy. Too many of those and sometimes I get confused as too who he is talking about. Maybe I'll go back to school or maybe I'll find a part-time, easy office job. I am feeling better but still have days where I have trouble walking. Took a nasty tumble the other night and am bruised all over. Didn't make church this morning. I was not stable enough to drive. Wish I knew why. Happens every so often. Doctor doesn't have an explination. Just tells me to lose weight. Well, I am doing that almost 15 pounds so far. Not really trying just eating less, and more often. 4-5 times a day instead of 3. Not a lot of fat, and trying to eat less bread, but that is really hard! I do love my bread!

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